Are You Gonna Eat That? BLT Steak’s Foieffogato

The Dish: Foieffogato

Where to Get It: BLT Steak; 1625 I St. NW; (202) 689-8999;

Price: $13

What It Is: Perhaps the most decadent and unconventional affogato of all time. The ice cream mimics the flavor of buttery movie-style popcorn, while the silky, froth-topped coffee component combines reduced espresso, cream, milk, and caramelized foie gras accented with fresh thyme, allspice, mace, and nutmeg. “You have to find a delicate balance between the ingredients,” says executive chef Will Artley. “You want to taste the foie and have the mouthfeel from it, but it can’t be overwhelming. If it lingers on your palate, it’s not great, especially since you’re not following it with another course.”

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The Ten: Best Pizzerias

So many choices, so little time. The Ten is your guide to the best of the best that D.C. has to offer.

This installment takes a look at the primo pie palaces around. Almost everyone has a strong opinion on their favorite slice, so we’re pretty sure that this list will ignite a fiery debate in the comments section over who was and wasn’t included.

2 Amys

This Cathedral Heights institution has been setting the bar for over a decade with its D.O.C. certified Neapolitans that are worth the wait.


Pizzaiolo Enzo Algarme turns out a steady stream of top-notch rounds that make a trip to Arlington feel like transatlantic journey to Naples.

Pizzeria Orso

A longtime favorite with Falls Church diners, this pizzeria continues to flourish under the steady hand of executive chef Will Artley who also turns out designer doughnuts for the weekend brunch.    


The wood fired zas at this Chinatown hot spot boast big personalities, just like chef-owner Mike Isabella. For a decadent breakfast for dinner, order the Countryman slathered with black truffle paste, dotted with pools of Fontina, and topped with a golden over-easy egg.


This friendly Neapolitan outpost in Silver Spring offers up a straightforward menu of lovingly crafted pizzas, including one dessert pie that’s sauced with Nutella and topped with strawberry slices.

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Pizzeria Orso Executive Chef Will Artley Shares His Ink

Pizzeria Orso executive chef Will Artley wasn’t always on the right track. As a teen, he was kicked out of high school in upstate New York, which was a huge blow to his parents. “That was the first time I let them down,” admits Artley. “I told them, ‘I promise you that I’m going to do something with my life. I’m just taking a different path.’”

Starting at age 15, he started gravitating toward kitchen work, picking up any kind of gig he could score. There was one stint at Misty Meadows Pig Farm, which also had a restaurant. “So you’d get to see the pigs and then eat them,” he explains.

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