Liquid Assets: Expensive Mixologist Drinks and Their Cheap Alternatives


The next time you go out for a celebratory drink, make sure you bring your black card (or apply for a small bank loan). All across the District, sommeliers and mixologists are offering uber-expensive libations for those with the urge to splurge. Whether you want to enjoy an aristocratic afternoon tea, a congratulatory toast or a once-in-a-lifetime bottle of wine, these sumptuous options are sure to please everyone except your financial planner.

Masterclass Martini

James Bond’s classic shaken, not stirred vodka martini seems like chump change when compared to Trummer’s on Main’s (7134 Main St., Clifton, Va.; 703-266-1623) $105 White Truffle Martini. This costly cocktail brings together top-shelf Hennessy XO cognac and Grand Marnier 150 liqueur with five slender slices of the fancy fungus (another three precious slivers are laid across the drink after it’s poured). The bold, dark tones of the cognac, and the bitter orange and vanilla of the liqueur blend well with the earthy tones of the truffles. “It’s definitely the most expensive drink I’ve ever sold,” admits owner Stefan Trummer. “I was nervous when I first made it, because you’re experimenting with a lot of money.”

Or You Could Buy: Three Lenox Tuscany Classics martini shaker sets, so you can make your own high-end highballs whenever you want.

Discover three more opulent options and their cheap-o alternatives over at the Express website now.


Souped Up: The Best Places for Liquid Nourishment in Town

20110127-soup-450It can be depressing when every casual conversation you have includes phrases such as “windchill factor,” “whiteout” and “the next Snowpocalypse.” But you can fight the winter blues one spoonful at a time by slurping up a bowl (or two) of the superlative soups found in our nation’s capital. They have the power to fill your belly, lift your spirits and remind you that warmer seasons will soon come. Get the lowdown on four places to sit down and two takeaway options over at the Express website now.


Yuletide Froth for All: Eggnog Without the Carton

20101216-eggnog-250This holiday season, eggnog is getting trendy and tasty updates from mixologists all over the city.

At the newly merged Ardeo+Bardeo, sommelier and manager Tim Galvin is shaking together Stoli Vanilla, eggnog and pumpkin puree to create Pumpkin Eggnog. Served on the rocks with cinnamon sprinkled on top, “it has those warm autumn colors and flavors,” Galvin explains. “Those always heat people up when it’s cold outside.”

Eggnog’s European roots don’t mean bartenders from elsewhere around the globe can’t put their own stamps on it. Jason Storch at Indian restaurant Rasika has injected his version with the style of the subcontinent by using a date-infused cognac and date puree. Served in a snifter, the nog is finished off with just a smidge of black sea salt speckling the top. Read on over at the Express website.


Celebrity Chef Takeover: The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

metrocooking385Football fans have the Super Bowl, sci-fi geeks have Comic-Con, and D.C.-area foodies have the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. Now in its fifth year, the expo brings together high-profile celebrity chefs such as Bobbie Flay and Paula Deen, District stars such as Equinox‘s Todd Gray and Restaurant Eve‘s Cathal Armstrong, and more than 300 exhibitors from across the country. Get the scoop now.