Sweet Re-Treat

You know you’ve reached adulthood when you’re the one handing out candy on Halloween. If there’s still a part of you that wants to hunt for sweets with hordes of sugar-amped Disney princesses and Marvel superheroes, you have a more sophisticated option: candy bar classics reimagined by local chefs. These are definitely not carbon copies. “They should be reminiscent of the original,” says Birch & Barley’s pastry chef, Tiffany MacIsaac, who puts a personal twist on a pair of long-loved confections. “But they need to be grown-up takes.” Here are our favorite reinventions that will make you feel like a kid again.

Jackie’s Sidebar

Pastry chef Carolyn Crow is a self-admitted fangirl. Looking to combine her love of geek culture with her passion for pastry, she set out to create a Batman candy bar for her Sweet Treat Sampler ($8). “No matter whether you’re talking about the comics or the movies, Batman is always going to be very dark, rich and insane,” she says. Her homage to the Caped Crusader has a dark chocolate ganache center with a crumbly base of ground-up pecan pralines and crisped rice. This is enrobed in even darker chocolate and topped with a white chocolate Bat-Signal. It’s a dessert worth fighting the Joker for.

Jackie’s Sidebar, 8081 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring; 301-565-9700. (Silver Spring)

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Photo courtesy of Plantains & Kimchi.