Play With Your Food: Vinyl toy designers create cool, colorful, culinary-minded novelties

Mom always told us that it was rude to play with our food. Despite her etiquette lessons, we still sometimes stack the contents of the bread basket into our own little Leaning Tower of Pisa, but now we know we’re behaving badly. Luckily for us, a new generation of cutting edge vinyl toy designers are creating cool, colorful, and culinary-minded novelties that are perfect for adults looking to get in touch with their inner children. Here are some of our favorites, which you can use to decorate your cubicle, your kitchen, or your dining room table.

Choice Cuts Labbit

Wouldn’t it be convenient if all animals were born with dotted lines crisscrossing their bodies? Then you’d know where to find tasty cuts like the jowl, rib and tenderloin, as well as offal such as the stewing ear, snout, and the taint. This vinyl figurine comes with a guide for aspiring toy butchers, so you can learn how to slice and dice your Labbit into tantalizing tidbits. ($80)

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