D.C.’s Most Valuable Restaurants


1319 Rockville Pike, Ste. C, Rockville; (301) 251-7878

VALUABLE FOR: Delicious Chinese small plates with no attitude (and it’s cheap)

This cash-only strip-mall gem is a pleasant reminder to look past Rockville’s boring chain restaurants. An ideal Sunday-morning destination for a full-on Northern Chinese-style brunch, A&J is best arrived at with an empty stomach and no prissy attitudes about ordering only for yourself, since everything comes family-style. Kick off with a bowl of piping hot dan dan mien—thick noodles dressed with a spicy sesame sauce. The steamed pork buns are fluffy clouds with a satisfying umami bomb of swine at the center. For more of the other white meat, order the tubular pot stickers. Griddled golden on each side, they crackle when you bite into them to reveal a core of juicy ground pork. Dip them in soy sauce if you prefer, but like most dishes here, they pack enough flavor to stand alone.

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Photo by Premshree Pillai on Flickr.


Express: Ramadan’s Sweet Relief


Beginning on the evening of Aug. 10 and continuing through Sept. 9, Washington’s Muslim community will be celebrating Ramadan. This means no eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset, when the fast is broken with an iftar feast.

If you’re under the impression that this means there’s no good Arabic food available for a month, you need to think again. Ramadan is actually the best time to indulge in Middle Eastern cuisine, because there are special dishes galore — especially if you like dessert.

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