Yeasayer – Fragrant World Review

The in-your-face hooks powering 2010’s unexpectedly poppy Odd Blood turned Yeasayer into bona fide indie-pop darlings. This time, the Brooklynites chose to crank up the weird instead. “Henrietta” begins as a squidgy sci-fi trip-out, but somehow ends as a swooning ballad; “No Bones” sounds like bhangra filtered through a Commodore 64; and “Reagan’s Skeleton” is a head-bobbing ’80s flashback. This is not your usual carbon-copy victory-lap album—it’s an ambitious boundary pusher. Exploring that final frontier can be confounding for listeners expecting more dancefloor fillers. That’s OK, because this fantastical freak-out is richly rewarding for those who give it the time it deserves.

Filter Grade: 77%

This review originally appeared in Filter magazine.