Getting a Leg Up

There’s a lot of fowl play going on these days. That’s because local chefs have discovered that turkey — so often relegated to the Thanksgiving table or between slices of bread — can up the innovation and nutrition content of their menus. “It’s lean, high in protein and has more flavor than chicken,” says Bourbon Steak’s executive chef, Adam Sobel, who has created a Pilgrim-friendly burger. Here’s how they’re flipping the bird every day.

Bayou Bakery (1515 N. Courthouse Road, Arlington; 703-243-2410)

Chef-owner David Guas’ wife doesn’t eat red meat or pork, but he didn’t want to strike meatballs from his home kitchen. So, he created a turkey alternative with enough Southern sass that he decided to also serve them at his NOLA-inspired eatery ($6 for four). “It’s a tender, moist meatball with great flavor,” Guas says. “And it’s heart-healthy.” Freshly ground gobbler, pureed Vidalia onions, bell peppers and garlic get balled up, coated in Creole spices and blackened in the oven before coming out to be served in a pool of roasted tomato sauce. You can cut back on the calorie content by asking that the Parmesan and breadcrumbs that normally top it be held.

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