Together at Last: Ardeo and Bardeo Become One

Ardeo and Bardeo have existed side by side in Cleveland Park for almost a decade with only a wall dividing them. Now that brick barrier has been torn down, and both spaces have been heavily renovated to create Ardeo+Bardeo.

This new reconfiguration from owner Ashok Bajaj, the restaurateur behind Rasika and the Oval Room, fuses Ardeo’s past as a wine bar and Bardeo’s as a bistro into one entity.

A single entrance now leads into the combined spaces, and a nearly 360-degree bar stands at the center of the room. There’s a glass-enclosed wine cooler along the back and a fiery brick oven in the corner.

Each side of the establishment has a distinct personality. In what was once Ardeo, black-and-white photos of Americana hang above the seating area — small tables, plus a large community one.

Read my full preview of the newly conjoined joint over on the Express website now.


Yuletide Froth for All: Eggnog Without the Carton

20101216-eggnog-250This holiday season, eggnog is getting trendy and tasty updates from mixologists all over the city.

At the newly merged Ardeo+Bardeo, sommelier and manager Tim Galvin is shaking together Stoli Vanilla, eggnog and pumpkin puree to create Pumpkin Eggnog. Served on the rocks with cinnamon sprinkled on top, “it has those warm autumn colors and flavors,” Galvin explains. “Those always heat people up when it’s cold outside.”

Eggnog’s European roots don’t mean bartenders from elsewhere around the globe can’t put their own stamps on it. Jason Storch at Indian restaurant Rasika has injected his version with the style of the subcontinent by using a date-infused cognac and date puree. Served in a snifter, the nog is finished off with just a smidge of black sea salt speckling the top. Read on over at the Express website.