Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Diehard D.C. Foodie

10. You know how to correctly pronounce Cathal and Rasika.

9. You’ve stood in line for two hours to spend an hour eating at Little Serow.

8. When you say you’re getting Baked & Wired, you have no intention of smoking a joint and then doing a line of coke.

7. You’ve eaten a Chivito, Luther, or half smoke…after midnight.

6. You follow both @chefjoseandres and @nowayjoseandres on Twitter.

5. You’ve driven all the way to Frederick just to eat at one of Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurants.

4. You have seen Carla Hall at the Silver Spring Whole Foods and had to stop yourself from yelling, “Hootie hoo!”

3. You make reference to Tom and Todd in conversation as if you know them and expect everyone around you to know whom you’re talking about.

2. You have paid $20 for a sandwich…from a food truck.

1. Your diet regularly includes pepperoni sauce, lamb carpaccio with Caesar salad ice cream, and crème brûlée doughnuts.


8 Responses to Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Diehard D.C. Foodie

  1. Agh! And all this time I thought I was (somewhat) a die hard DC food-person. I have not eaten at Little Serrow, Baked and Wired, Volt, not sure which Tom or Todd you are referring to, and also have not paid $20 for a sandwich at a food truck (and probably will never pay that much for a sandwich at a food truck.)

    Kind of hanging my head in shame but also thankful for this to-do list you have provided me.

    • Oh, I guess I have paid $20 for that stupid sandwich at Jose Andres’ food truck :( but i hear ya Sylvie, I’m a bit behind overwise. I have time on my hands to wait in line… maybe we could do a little double date at little serow soon!

  2. Fun list! I answered yes to a lot of these (including, perhaps unfortunately, paying $20 for a sandwich from a food truck). However, I didn’t realize there was a question about how to pronounce “Cathal,” but now I know! (YouTube set me straight.)

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  5. I know I’m a diehard DC foodie because I recognize all three of the people who have made comments on this piece, because I follow them on Twitter. I am not quite sure about the references to Todd or Tom though.

  6. I feel like an idiot. Todd Kliman and Tom Sietsema, of course. I follow them both religiously, but was focused on identifying local chefs with those names!

  7. Hilarious – I concur with Lori (as I follow pretty mcuh everyone who replied to this too), and paid $20 for the sandwich, Todd and Tom – duh!, 2 hours of a wait isn’t really that long, and I’d totally “Hootie Hoo” without shame! :)

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