Washington Post’s Good To Go: YO! Sushi

There’s a bold brashness to U.K. chain YO! Sushi, which just opened its first American outlet inside Union Station. Just look at the name; the restaurant’s physical space is equally exuberant.

At the front right, there is a refrigerated case for commuters who want to skip sitting down and grabbing their dishes from the conveyor belt that circles the central open kitchen. More than 50 items are available to go, their packaging labeled with come-ons such as “soupa hot!” and “pick me up!” When you order, most of the cold dishes are pre-prepared, while the hot dishes will take five minutes or more to put together. There’s also a selection of cold drinks, including canned oolong tea ($3) and cream-soda-style ramune soda ($3.50).

Executive chefs Mike Lewis and Noriyuki Kudo overhauled the restaurant’s U.K. offerings and added new dishes to appeal to American tastes. Portions were increased (though most diners will still need to purchase several items to feel full), more jalapenos and other chili peppers were worked into recipes, and there are more grilled and fried options.

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