Washington Post’s Good To Go: Rito Loco

When you buy a meal at a burritoria on wheels called Rito Loco, you expect the choices to be a little unusual. There’s no arguing that a moment of madness led to the creation of the Fruit Rito, a cold tortilla stuffed with blueberries, bananas, condensed milk and granola ($8).

The rolled-up fruit parfait is a bit of a gloopy misfire. Luckily, Daniel Diaz, 29, and Louie Hankins, 35, offer a menu with four standard savory options as well. The first-time restaurateurs, of Adams Morgan and Arlington, respectively, rolled out their scarlet-red food truck in the District in mid-August.

Each flour-tortilla-wrapped, seven-inch burrito gets a quick run through the panini press, which lightly toasts the outside. The sweetly braised pork in the Rib Rito takes the blue ribbon ($8). Baby back ribs are dry-rubbed with chili powder, paprika, brown sugar, salt and a few secret ingredients, then they sit for a full day. After a six-hour slow cook, the meat is pulled and basted with a house-made Crack Sauce that’s a liquid equivalent of the rub. The result is moist, slightly sweet and a tad spicy.

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Photo courtesy of Rito Loco.


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