Washington Post’s Good To Go: Boloco

There’s a simple genius to Boloco, which opened its first area location in Bethesda in mid-July. The self-proclaimed “globally inspired burrito” joint realized that you can wrap up a multicultural array of culinary traditions in a tortilla.

That said, this Boston-based fast-casual chain (its name is short for Boston Local Company) does the briskest business with its Classic Mexican. This unremarkable take on the standard sticks to the formula: beans, cheese, salsa, rice and your choice of protein (all burritos: five-inch mini, $4.01; 61 / 4-inch small, $5.66; 71 / 4-inch original, $6.90; two mix ’n’ match minis, $6.55). But if you’re more adventurous when ordering, you’ll be rewarded.

Burritos here are completely customizable and come in either a flour or whole-wheat tortilla made by Maria & Ricardo’s Tortilla Factory in Boston. You can get your meal as a bowl made with your choice of white rice, brown rice or salad ($4.01 to $6.55). Boloco takes the design-your-own aspect to the next level with its interactive ordering system. Diners can opt to order at a touch-screen kiosk, which will save them 10 percent on their bill, or they can step up to one of the cheerful attendants instead.

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