Protein Bar Challenge: Burn, Baby, Burn (Day 21)

No diet can succeed without a strong exercise component, so I’ve been working out a lot for the past three weeks. You may be surprised to learn that this is no different than my routine before I began the Protein Bar Challenge. When I started writing about food fulltime several years ago, I knew that my body would be hit hard by the drastic lifestyle change. I vowed that I would work out five or six times a week, in the hopes that all this athletic activity would balance out the uptick in calorie consumption.

Unfortunately, even doing long runs in Rock Creek Park, starting Pilates at Willow Street Yoga, and hitting the stationary bike for hour-long stretches after particularly decadent meals did next to nothing.

Now all that calorie burning, on top of my healthful meals from Protein Bar, are having a noticeable effect (10.5 pounds to be exact). In an effort to keep things interesting, I’ve tried a few new workouts to challenge myself. The most memorable was with Protein Bar founder Matt Matros, who introduced me to spinning at Biker Barre in Capitol Hill last week. It couldn’t have been more different than the stationary bike workout I usually do.

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