Cold Rush: Washington’s Best Ice Creams

Brioche-and-Gelato Sandwich at Pitango

Eggy brioche decorated with a glittering constellation of sea salt can be filled with your choice of gelato here—we think hazelnutty chocolate bacio is the hands-down winner. (Pistachio is a close second.) Available Saturday and Sunday at the Logan Circle and Capitol Hill locations only. 1451 P St., NW, 202-332-8877; 660 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, 202-701-6222.

Espresso-Semifreddo Sandwich at Jackie’s

Espresso-mascarpone semifreddo brightened with a smidge of lemon zest is bookended with crisp chocolate wafers at this funkily decorated dining room. The edges are rolled in crushed almonds for extra crunch. 8081 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring; 301-565-9700.

Get the rest of the group sourced picks over at the Washingtonian website now.


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