Plate’s Chef Shuffles for the week of September 7

On the East Coast

In Washington, D.C., Kafe Bohem began brewing. Nick’s Riverside Grille and its sister restaurant Tony & Joe’s Seafood Place both reopened after severe flooding shut them down in the spring of 2011. Geoff Tracy‘s Chef Geoff is set to open a new Rockville location mid-month.

In Philadelphia, the Field House reopened with Opa alumnus Andrew Brown as executive chef. Pie shop Magpie and Baan Thai both opened. Michael Santoro’s The Mildred opens next week in the old James space.

In Boston, a fourth location of Uburger and DooWee & Rice both started service, while Cappy’s Pizza reopened after a fire. YumeWoKatare ramen joint opens later this month, The Thinking Cup starts percolating in October, Menotomy Grille and Asta debut in November, and the Vietnamese food truck Bon Mi will go brick-and-mortar by the end of the year.

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Photo of Geoff Tracy, Chef Geoff.


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