Washington Post’s Good To Go: Spice 6

When Spice 6 opened at the end of May in Hyattsville, the owners of the fast-casual spot billed it as “modern Indian.” Maybe they should have gone with “Indianesque.” The decor is poppy and fresh, but not overtly subcontinental. Though there are indigo walls, funky fixtures that mimic blossoming lotus flowers and henna inspired scrollwork painted on the concrete floor, it could easily pass for a tapas joint or a frozen yogurt shop.

Behind the counter is the biggest nod to India: a tandoori oven. When it’s going full-bore, it can turn out lightly charred, slightly chewy nan at a rate of 10 per minute. A second tandoori oven in the back handles all the halal-certified meats, which are marinated for two days in cumin, coriander and freshly ground ­garam masala. The recipes were developed by chef Upendra Thapaliya, who racked up more than two decades of kitchen experience in Nepal. Fairfax residents Tony Singh and his two sons, Vik and Timpi, own the restaurant.

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Photo courtesy of Spice 6.


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