Virtue Feed & Grain Pastry Chef Bekka Baltzell Shares Her Day of the Dead-Inspired Cupcake Tattoo

**NOTE: This is the last installment of my Ink Spotted series. I’ve had a great time writing and shooting it in the last year, but I feel like I’ve taken it as far as I can. My thanks go out to Amy McKeever and Eater for agreeing to let a former rock journalist tell the stories of tatted up creative types — it made me feel like I was working for Rolling Stone online all over again.**

Virtue Feed & Grain’s pastry chef Bekka Baltzell didn’t get any tattoos as a young teenager, because she was afraid her mother would kick her out of the house. When she turned 18 though, she rebelled against her mom — sort of. She got inked with a cluster of stars, but they’re not usually visible. “They’re hidden below the belt and covered by a bathing suit,” is all she’ll say about their location.

Finish reading this story on the Eater DC website now.


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