Road Tripping with Bayou Bakery’s David Guas for Harley-Davidson’s Ridebook (Photo Gallery)

When Harley-Davidson called a couple of weeks ago to ask if I wanted to take a road trip up to Pennsylvania with Bayou’s Bakery’s David Guas, I had only question: Would I need to drive a motorcycle?

Luckily, my trusty 2005 Pontiac Vibe was an acceptable mode of transportation. The trip was a go.

A few days later, I rendezvoused with Guas at his Louisiana-accented comfort food café in Arlington. Our final destination would be Hackenberg Apiaries in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, which produces some of the honey used in Bayou Bakery’s muffins, salad dressings, and their wickedly refreshing hibiscus tea cocktail.

We hit the road midmorning – me in my grizzled car with the windows cranked down, and Guas on his Softail. Once we got out into the Maryland countryside, it was hard not to get hungry and pull over right away since there was food everywhere. Chubby’s BBQ had a “Bikers Welcome” sign, roadside farm stands selling freshly harvested vegetables abounded, and vineyards were a common sight.

Around lunchtime, we did stop at Red Rabbit, which promised a quick bite and cooling shade. It was an old fashioned drive-in right out of the 1950’s. Waitresses shuttling packed red plastic trays crisscrossed the parking lot, a vintage pinball machine flashed and chattered underneath the awning, and the clerk at the counter called everyone honey. A pair of the signature Bunny Burgers topped with crunchy, hickory smoked bacon strips and a tangy secret sauce, fries, and a crisply cold birch beer soda – a Keystone state favorite – were the perfect fuel for the remainder of the ride.

By early afternoon, the slow crawl of the Susquehanna River consumed the vista on the right side. Small wooded islands dotted the expanse. Tightly clustered trees came up to the shoreline, shrouding each one with mystery. Then the landscape went from flat to rolling; it was like passing into waves thrown up in the wake of a boat’s passing.

We arrived at the beekeeper’s sprawling farm in the early afternoon, where Guas proceeded to set up a camp and ready a fire pit so he could bake cornbread in the coals that evening.

I won’t tell you how it all went down though.

You’ll have to click over to Harley-Davidson’s Ridebook website to read my story.

Before you leave though, please do browse the photo gallery of shots that I snapped over the course of the trip. I wanted to capture unexpected images lurking in the periphery. To give them a timeless feeling, I shot them all using Hipstamatic and mostly in black and white. Enjoy.


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