Potenza Chef de Cuisine Stephen Hartzell Shares His Ink

Potenza chef de cuisine Stephen Hartzell got his first tattoo — a tribal band — when he was a “rebellious” 22-year-old with piercings and hair that almost reached his waist. His ears still sport plugs, but his dark hair is trimmed short. He has a lot more tattoos now. Both arms are sleeved up, his right ribcage is consumed with an Egyptian-styled piece that took 32 hours to complete, and he has work done on one leg.

There’s one piece that he doesn’t have. “For a little while, I had a suckling pig snout in my freezer that I was going to use as an ink stamp,” he says. “It was going to be like a little pig kiss on the top of my foot like it just bumped into me.” He ultimately let a friend use the idea and the severed extremity instead.

Finish reading this story and see all the pics over at the Eater DC site now.


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