Sou’Wester Chef de Cuisine Eddie Moran Shares His Ink

“I didn’t want simply a badass tattoo,” says Sou’Wester’s chef de cuisine Eddie Moran. “I wanted one that was very meaningful to me.” Raised a Catholic, he was looking to get a piece that reflected both his upbringing and his passion for cooking. Researching through the annals of church history, he stumbled across Saint Lawrence of Rome. This patron saint of chefs was burned to death on a gridiron. “Here’s someone who feeds people out of the kindness of his heart,” says Moran. “Then he’s grilled alive like he’s a piece of food.”

The future saint’s last words were supposedly, “This side is done. Turn me over and take a bite.”

“That’s super badass,” says Moran. “It’s almost Braveheart level.”

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