Eat By Numbers: ChurchKey

When you dine out, you might think about the ingredients that go into your food, but you probably don’t think about all the numbers that make your meal happen. Restaurants are filled with interesting figures that might not be apparent when you bite into an enticing entrée or take a sip of a signature cocktail, but they’re all around you.

This week, we pop open Logan Circle’s ChurchKey to find out the numbers behind their peerless beer list, discover how many pig heads they go through and get a calorie count on their addictive disco fries.


Pages in the training manual: 218

Different beer labels that have been served: 1700 draft, 400 cask and 1500 bottles

Beer bottles in inventory: 6,000

Beer-related events hosted since opening: 150

Bottled hard ciders available: Anywhere from 30-40, including options from France, Spain, England, Quebec and smaller producers in the U.S.

Get the rest of the numbers by clicking over to CityEats’ Plate blog now.


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