Mmmmm… Crumbs Summer Pie Cupcakes

Crumbs Summer Pie Cupcakes

Though NYC-based Crumbs haven’t opened its DC stores yet (Locations in Union Station and downtown are set to open this month), you can still get its generously portioned cupcakes overnighted to you. The Summer Pie collection comes in six flavors: apple, blueberry, cherry, mixed berry, peach and strawberry rhubarb. Despite the misleading name, these are cupcakes, but they feature a cobbler’s crumble on top and a pie filling at the center. “Everyone loves a delicious fruit filled pie in the summer,” reckons Crumb’s co-owner Mia Bauer.  “It’s sweet, but extremely refreshing at the same time. We wanted to do an alternative to the traditional pies that everyone could enjoy.”


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